After Hair Restoration – The First Six to Seven Days

I was at a Miami Hurricanes football game recently, and, in between timeouts, I initiated a conversation with another fan sitting near me about a hair transplant surgery.

I talked to him about how hair restoration procedures are a high-stakes and detail-oriented practice. After a hair transplant is finished, it is crucial to regularly keep a watch on and properly care for the transplanted area. A hair transplant center’s method is to usually have a client pay a visit for a hair washing the next day after the surgery. The hair washing takes about twenty-five minutes.

To cautiously wash the newly transplanted hair grafts, a very thick shampoo is used. The hair transplantation surgeon and the medical technicians will ensure that they are gentle and spread foam evenly and dab the restored area. After a few minutes, they’ll rinse off the shampoo with water.

For the initial visit, an additional part that is cleaned is the donor area. Patients are usually provided with a sponge, which has a soft brush on one side. The brush is used to clean the donor area and the sponge for the transplanted area. When it comes to washing the donor area, a patient may use a bit of aggression as the wounds are stapled or sutured. The soft brush can be rubbed, ever so gently, on the back of the patient’s head to remove scabs and extra debris from the surgery.

Don’t Forget: hair washing is to be done twice per day for the first four days, after which it can be done once a day.

Hair transplant surgeons will show their clients how to properly care for the transplanted area. The first four days are important, as the grafts in the transplanted area may dislodge if they aren’t washed with care. After the first four days, the patient can go back to washing his hair the way he did before surgery as the grafts, at this point, are most likely sealed and part of the person’s scalp even if the hair is moved. The remaining follicles are able to generate new hairs.

To keep from scabbing, patients are told to wash their hair using a certain technique. It’s important to note several studies have shown that scabbing may prevent transplanted hair growth. After seven days from the day of surgery, there ought not to be any scabs. If scabs still appear after the seven days, it means washing wasn’t done the right way and the patient must start being a bit more aggressive in his washing technique.

After about seven days have passed, patients can wash their hair twice a day. In addition, patients ought to let the foam alone for ten minutes to let scabs soften. Afterward, patients can use a soft brush provided them to comb their hair in the direction of their other hairs.

Another point I made was that a hair restoration doctor will make sure to let patients know to not put their head in water the first seven days after a transplant. Also, they will tell them to try not to bend their head too often during the first thirty days. In addition, the first seven months after surgery, patients are told to keep the surgically restored area away from the sun.

After the passing of seven months, the transplanted hair will grow out and shield the skin grafts from the sun’s harmful rays.

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