Hair Restoration! Simple and Easy Guide!

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that replaces human hair onto a clients’ balding scalp. Many people use hair restoration to prevent themselves from looking older than they actually are. Its use also increases a persons’ self esteem. It gives you more energy for activities and gives you your self-confidence back that you thought you lost when you were bald.

The most common hair restoration used is follicle hair transplantation. It consists of a graft from multiple hair follicle units as it exists in nature. Hair follicle units are bundles of hairs growing together. One follicle unit is formed of about 1-4 individual hair follicles. In the case of genetic balding, healthy hair is replaced by hair of smaller diameter and length.

A hair follicle unit is a physiological unit and needs to be both extracted and transplanted as an intact unit. This is a fundamental concept of follicle hair transplant. Follicle hair transplantation is a very effective method of hair restoration surgery. It has a success rate almost 100%.

It is a known fact that hair transplant procedure is not cheap. But remember that this is a permanent solution of your hair loss problem. You have to incur the cost of the operation just once. A lot of people think that medicinal treatment is cheaper but if you look at it over a long period of time, you will see that it is not true.

There are several factors affecting the hair transplant procedure cost. The choice of the clinic is a very important factor. The hair restoration surgery cost varies from clinic to clinic. The main difference of cost is due to reputation of the Surgeon, heavy advertising of the clinic and if the clinic presents itself in an attractive surrounding there will be maintenance costs.

Insurance companies does not cover hair restoration because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, hair transplantation that is needed caused by some accident or burn is considered a reconstructive treatment and may be covered by health insurance.

Make sure you ask questions in regards to the hair transplant surgery, its procedure and costs before going for one. It is better to keep the cost and quality of the surgery outcome in mind while making a decision about the operation. I would recommend going to the clinic offering the best cost-effective service. By doing that you will be more confident of the results received.

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