Hair Transplant Surgery Compared to Laser Hair Treatment For Hair Loss

The hair restoration industry has made eye-opening achievements in about the past ten years because of brand new discoveries on microscopic techniques and committed research, making hair loss treatment methods able to be done with much more precision.

In this day and age, it’s an accepted fact to be able to get a hair transplant with really natural-looking, virtually undetectable results.

In addition, the latest cutting-edge technology has give doctors the ability to extract many more number of grafts and harvest them during a procedure.

Recently,mega-sized transplants have become a hotly discussed issue by men with enormous balding areas and who need about 3,000 to 4,000 hair grafts.

A hair restoration office’s usual policy is to meticulously examine each potential patient to see the quality of his donor hair and scalp. This examination determines the correct number of hair grafts the surgeon is able to harvest and transplant in one session. For men and women getting a hair transplant for the very first time, there have been a significant number who’ve had over 3,000 grafts removed and harvested. It’s been reported that some doctors have even treated people who have had up to 5,000 grafts extracted and harvested.

Concerning the topic of laser hair restoration, it’s kind of a new alternative and there hasn’t been much research conducted and published in hair transplant industry journals to let us know that it’s a high-quality and risk-free option. There were a few unheralded experiments, with OK results.

To be certain of desirable results, I would wait for more experiments to be completed using laser hair transplants before jumping into it as an option for hair restoration.

First things first, it’s imperative that you’re examined for your donor hair potential and then you can think about a hair transplant. As a service to patients, some hair transplant centers take care of travel costs for patients who live far away.

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